ANTSAND Hire Us: Enabling Businesses in Mapleridge to Grow Their Company Online

Are you looking to RANK HIGH on search and get more eyes to your website?

Is your website leaking away tons of money and you need to convert more visitors into customers?

From Website maintenance to building a website that generates leads, ANTSAND 'Hire Us', is like having a senior website developer and marketing team who is specialized in helping your business grow online.

It was an absolutely great experience working with Anthony and ANTSAND. Our whole website was developed from the grounds up with no plugins and it truly looks remarkable. I would 100% recommend ANTSAND to other companies and people. If you are looking to rebrand the right way, consulting with ANTSAND is definitely a good decision - Alex Ciccozzi
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With ANTSAND 'Hire Us' You Can

Fix holes in your current website, that is leaking away money

Own a website that loads fast, is safe and secure and is optimized for search engine rankings (SEO)

Create a new website, that looks great, clean, visually appealing, mobile/tablet responsive and search engine friendly

Build your online brand using blogging, content marketing, social media marketing, infographics, video and motion graphics

ANTSAND 'Hire Us' has all the necessary service's to grow your business online!
Not sure what part of your website is causing you grief?

ANTSAND "Hire Us' has crafted 4 main services, that are very thoroughly planned, to help you grow your brand and turn website visitors into customers!

Tell us your online business goals and we will show you what service you need!

Do you get frustrated when you website starts to get buggy and needs immediate fixes? There is a service for that.

Are you looking to create a new website to generate new leads for your business and rank high on search results? There is a service for that.

Are you paying $1000's of dollars every month on your website but not getting any results? There is a solution for that.

Are you looking to add graphic elements, banners, infographics to give your website meaning and make it visually appealing? There is a service for that too.

What is your goal?
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I want a service to Build my online visiblity and Generate Leads Learn more
I want a service to Fix and upgrade my website Learn more
I want a service to Make a simple website for branding Learn more
I want a service to Add graphic elements like banners and infographics to my website Learn more
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First things first...

ANTSAND is NOT your typical marketing agency.

Let me explain.

Have you ever felt frustrated, when you visit a website and it takes a long time to load?

Or you try to navigate a website searching for an information, but just can’t seem to find it?

Sometimes you visit a website and you have a gut feeling it is not safe.

Or you visit a site and it looks just plain ugly and glitchy.

The real question is, is that your website?

Websites designed at ANTSAND are built with these critical features:

fast load time,
proper messaging,
conversion elements,
sales funnels,
beautiful, clean and sharp layouts
SEO - bringing more eyes to your website
CRO - converting those eyes to customers

from the grounds up.

This has tremendous impact on your website performance. You get more leads and you see your revenue grow.

Clients we have served

In Canada

Depending on your budget and needs, ANTSAND provides
I want a service to Build my online visiblity and Generate Leads
Learn more
I want a service to Fix and upgrade my website
Learn more
I want a service to Make a simple website for branding
Learn more
I want a service to Add graphic elements like banners and infographics to my website
Learn more

High Performance Website Maintenance

Keep your website up to date using a maintenance service

Have a website that needs small fixes?
Image not placed right, SEO on google not accurate, website is slow and glitchy?
Don't want to pay agency prices but need a cost effective way to fixes glitches?

ANTSAND website maintenance is a service, designed to help you fix small problems on your website.

In addition, if you have SEO issues, and you want to get your ranking on google up to date, pay a one-time cost of $149

You get, google my business, google analytics and google search console integrated with your website, allowing you to monitor your search performance.

As low as $49 CAD, fix your buggy site Now!

CONCEPT2DESIGN Landing pages

Design webpages using highly optimized layouts

Want to create a breathtaking landing page? Have a design or layout, you want to convert to a website?

ANTSAND’s CONCEPT2DESIGN is a simple editor, helping you to design webpages using simple layouts. Submit your layout and ANTSAND will effortlessly convert the design into a fully functioning website.

As low as $500 CAD, create a highly optimized webpage!


Conversion optimized Research and Design (Building websites that generate leads)

You want to rebrand your online presence and want to start disrupting your competition.

ANTSAND BLACK is the ultimate full-service package. Starting at $2500/month, ANTSAND BLACK will design and create your full online ecosystem. You will have a website that triggers a strong call to action, a funnel system to convert leads to customers, blogs that users want to read, a social media presence designed to generate traffic, and a website that makes visitors and customers glued to your offerings. With ANTSAND BLACK, we will shortcut your path to higher revenue and more customers.

You know your site is leaking tons of money (they all do), but where? You want your website to have a great user experience, be fast and secure, look amazing and remarkable all to accomplish ONE thing. Increase your revenue!

Our apporach to optimize your website is data driven. Our 3 step stratergy involves,

  • Conversion Website Research
  • Conversion Optimized Website Design
  • Conversion Optimized Website Development

Digital Marketing Masterplan

Advance your business using visual content and video

Are you struggling to generate engaging content? OR
Are you looking for ways to grow your business through organic traffic?

Let us create breathtaking and engaging digital content for you. Using the power of visual graphics, video and motion graphics, let us boost your audience engagement, grow your traffic and followers, and increase your revenue.

Start a project

Just send us your idea and we will turn it into beautiful designs!

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