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We use the latest technologies, UX research, data-driven testing and metrics to accomplish one thing: Make your website convert!

3 steps to grow your online profits

Step 1: Conversion Research

You know you could get more revenue from your website, but where exactly are you loosing your customers?

We will thoroughly analyse your site, testing its usability, credibility, trust and other elements that compel your customers to choose you over your competition.

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Step 2: Data Driven UX and Usability design

You want your site to look great, attract more customers and make more money.

Your site will look clean, have a great sales funnel and will include all the elements on the page that will make your customers want to choose you. Our goal is to design your site with conversion in mind.

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Step 3: Product Messaging & Landing Page Copywriting

You struggle explaining your product or service to your customers. You wish they just get what you do ? We all expect our customers to "GET IT".

Crafting a value proposition that captures your customers is tough.

We craft compelling messsages triggering your customers to remember you and take action.

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Conversion Research

Data tells you where the money is not opinions

As the old adage goes, marketing without data, is like driving with your eyes closed. To get your site to convert better we dive deep into your site and extract all the juicy data.

You might have a good website – decent design, professional copywriting, great offer – and you’ve put a lot of thought and analysis into it. But you are not happy with the results.

Our approach to help you grow your online presence is customer centric. This means we put your customers at the frorefront. We try to get into their heads, their pain points, their pleasure and convince them that your product is the best solution for their needs.

We do not make websites for everyone to say "WOW". Sure, you will get that, but that is not our focus. Our focus is to make sure that when potential clients find you, (1) they are willing to pull out their wallet and (2) pay you for your service. This is the only "WOW" we are interested in.

We look at your business holistically before we write a single line of code. To make your site convert we need to understand your customers. Your site is designed for your customers not for everybody. This is what seperates us from other design shops.

For us to make you a high conversion website, we ask questions like:
  • Why are they buying the type of product you are selling?
  • Why should they choose you over your competition?
  • What part of your website is turning them away and what we need to do to stop that from happening?
  • What makes them want to scroll down your website or navigate more of it?
  • What information are they really looking for but can’t find?
  • Why are they not buying more from you?
  • How usable is your website? Is it easy to find information and navigate through?
  • We will tell you exactly what changes to make and will do it for you


  1. Businesses that have a proven business model. No conversion miracle is going to help you if people don’t want what you sell.

  2. You need help increasing your conversions. You want your website to give you high quality referrals and work for you.


We first track how many visitors are viewing your site. If you do not have substantial traffic hitting your site, we start with a clean slate. We first study your competitors and your customers. With our best hypothesis, we design and write copy.

Next, we put your new design online replacing your old site. A very comprehensive SEO is then done. We resort to paid advertisements on facebook and google to get your product up there with additional cost. This will bring you lot of traffic.

After your site is live and flooded with traffic, we add analytics and metrics to test how your site is performing. We start to do a comprehensive research on how to optimize your site. Our goal is to convert your traffic to paid customers.


Research can take anywhere from 30 to 45+ days. Collecting data, interpreting, making our best hypothesis and testing till we reach a point of diminishing return.

After we conclude that your site is optimized for conversion we give you a detailed report and have an in person meeting or skpye/phone call on how to maintain your site. Your site is like any other mechanical unit. It needs servicing once in a while. We help with that too.

We dont sell time, we sell value

We have fixed, transparent pricing for our data-driven design services. No surprises. Our Fee is always agreed upon upfront and depends on the scope of work. (number of unique design screens, if its mobile responsive etc).


  • Website Design

    Steve Kim Presentation coach

  • Website Design

    Karmic Maintenance

  • Data Driven UX and Usability Design


    Our approach to web design is data-driven. We’ll create designs that are built for high conversions from the get go, but we need the freedom and space to do our job correctly.

    1. Will you redesign my website?

    Website redesign can be risky. If your website has limited traffic and users, then we use our best hypothesis to redesign your site.

    2. Your website will be designed based on the latest conversion, usability and persuasion know how

    Our goal is to make you a website that is designed for conversion. Our team is constantly conducting research on usability, persuasion, customer retention and conversion. We apply all the cutting-edge knowledge while designing your site.

    3. We will not argue over personal preference

    Your opinions will not give you money data will. Our experience, research and expertise is for you to make more money.

    Give us the space and freedom to do our job. Our designers are trained to make judgements based on data. As a result your site will not only look great but will convert.
    Even the best design is subjective. Till we see hard proof that your site is converting we won’t settle with the UI &UX.
    If you want somebody to fulfill your vision for a new design, there are tons of design shops that can help you. Not us. We don’t design websites based on somebody’s subjective opinion. We follow the money.

    Do you know?

    We will (1) optimize google analytics, (2) add mouse tracking, (3) scroll tracking, and (4) click tracking to see how users are interacting with your current site. We crunch this data which will give us a direction on how we need to optimize your site.


    Even if you are, we will make sure they convert even more. This is based on extensive research and not random opinion. We will optimize your lead capture and make sure your sales funnel is functional and effective. Without which your website is no good.


    When was the last time you went into a new website and bought something right away? My guess "NEVER". Then why should you expect your customers to do so? We will design a website that will build that relationship with your visitors. Over time this relationship will translate from visitors to customer.
    Product Messaging & Landing Page Copywriting


    Good chances your current page is frustrating and boring to read. It is clunky and your sales copy might even be confusing. Customers may not even know what your product or service is. If they are confused, they're not going to give you their money.

    We will write copy that will trigger your customers to choose your product. We craft messages on the page to deliver the kind of value your customers are looking for.

    Words on a page matter.To create a compelling copy, you need to have a strong narrative and your copy must have a good flow. Our job is to transform the raw data and research into compelling copy.


    Our process to help boost your conversion is based on science. We use data and research in our execution. We do not care too much about opinions. Opinions do not give you money. Your customers will. It is our job to convince your customers that your product is the best solution for their specific need.

    Having a website that is designed for conversion can give you leads even when you are not working. This is like an automatic system that does not require your input, will power, perseverance or any self-motivation for it to work. It will work regardless. Yes, once in a while it does need maintenance. We can help with that too. Our approach will make your life easier, freeing more of your time, giving you quality leads eventually leading to more revenue.

    Choose the plan that best suits your business needs



    • Competitive analysis: How you stack against your competition
    • Customer persona development
    • Design your landing page for your ideal customer
    • Hosting: Host your website on our secure servers using the latest technology (Within 96 Hours)
    • Copywriting – Accurately wording the solution you are offering to your ideal client
    • Add analytics to your website to track visitors
    • Heatmaps and click tracking setup to know how users are interacting with your landing page
    • Time:
      10-15 days to setup your landing page with analytic tracking (with 1 interation) plus
      10 days for Product messaging & landing page copywriting
    • Cost: 2500$ CAD


    This plan includes everything from the previous plan, and adds the following:

    • Setting up your marketing channels on different social media
    • Advertising: Use paid advertisement to find your ideal customers
    • Do A/B testing on your landing page
    • Continuous Improvements: Monitor how your website is performing and converting
    • Iterate components of the landing page which are not performing optimally
    • Continue the above process till we hit diminishing returns.
    • Time: 45 days
    • Cost: 4000$ CAD


    Your goal

    Bringing you world class results

    Anthony Shivakumar

    Founder, Principal

    Anthony is our programming ninja, the mastermind behind the work we provide. His 7+ experience in programming and solving complex problems, help our customers reach their goals.

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