Frequently asked questions

We will try to answer question's that keep you awake at night, helping you make a more informed decision

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If you are in a dilemma, trying to select the right web design team, or wondering how ANTSAND can fit your business needs, this page is for you. The question in here are written in no particular order. We strongly suggest you reading the whole document as it will help clarify your doubts.
  1. What is ANTSAND “Work with us”?

    ANTSAND “work with us” is a service provided by ANTSAND. It is to create an online system for our clients, which help increase the percentage of website visitors to customers. This includes web design, web development, SEO, copywriting, marketing, pay per click advertisement, infographics, data visualisation, analytics, social media and much more. We look at your web presence holistically and make every component work in harmony.

  2. Why websites design companies varies so much in price?

    In this industry you can start to make a website literally for free to a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars all the way up to 100,000$ and up. The difference in the cost lies in few key components. As the complexity of your site increases so will the cost. But the key differentiator is craftsmanship. Top design companies will design a website that is customized as per your business needs, building your brand and making your website converts where as cheap design shops will just use templates and modify it.

    Depending on your budget, skill set and time, you would need to select the best option.

  3. Why do professional website companies charge so much?

    Craftsmanship! Designing a website from scratch requires creativity and you can’t buy it. Firms that use existing templates or modify existing frameworks will be way less expensive. Design shops that build sites from the grounds up have the advantage of creating something unique, making your site attractive and helping you to stand out. In the end, you want your customers to notice you and use your service.

  4. Who are the best website design companies?

    The best web design companies are companies that build websites for conversion. They don’t design websites for search engines to find and rank you. They build websites for your customers to notice and buy from you. The difference between the two is, one helps you to increase revenue whereas the other is just for vanity.

  5. What are the components of a great website?
    1. Usability - How easy is it for users to navigate through your website?

    2. Credibility - How credible is your website? Can you deliver on the things you promise on your site?

    3. Loyalty - Is you service and product so good that your customers are recommending your service to others?

    4. Appearance - Does your site look great and appealing?

    5. Clarity - How clearly have you defined the benefits of your service or product?

  6. What is the difference between SEO, CRO?

    SEO is search engine optimization. Web designing and marketing your site for search engines to find and rank you high. CRO is conversion rate optimization. It is to design a site to increase the percentage of visitors to customers. If your site is designed with CRO in mind it will fit SEO needs. The vice-versa is not true.

  7. Does ANTSAND do SEO?

    Yes! Our job is to increase the percentage of visitors to customers. To get visitors to convert, the quality of your visitors is critical. SEO helps in targetting the right audience to your site, which in turn results in higher conversions.

  8. How long does it take to make a website?

    It can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few weeks or even months. It depends on the complexity of the website, how the website is being built and the skill level of the firm building it. At ANTSAND we try to develop the initial draft of your website within 96 hours and we hand code everything from scratch.

  9. Should you use offshore web-designers?

    You certainly can outsource your website design on portals like elance, freelancer, fiverr or anywhere cheap in the world. If you are on a limited budget you certainly should outsource. You can even get a premium quality website if you find the right freelancer.

    But the difference between using a local design shop like ANTSAND vs outsourcing -

    1. We understand the local conditions and your business. We will build your website for conversion, where as your outsourced website will be built for vanity.
    2. If you don’t find the right freelancer you can end up paying more that you expected.
    3. Long term support is within reach and a phone call away. Your outsourced partner is on a different time zone and your only mode of communication with them is through email.
    4. You are supporting Canadian business. Which in turn will help you and our economy.
    5. We hand craft 100% of the code we deliver. Speed, usability, reliability and viability is at our core. Your outsourced friend is going to use a template or framework, will tweak it and deliver it to you. Nothing wrong, just that your site will look like the million other websites out there.
    6. We are just brilliant at what we do. Period! Outsourcing is no match.

  10. Getting the message right is critical

    We do copywriting and product messaging. Our job is to make your website do the selling. If it is not selling for you it is not working. Crafting messages on your site that give your customers the necessary value they are looking for is an ART. We go out of our way to interview your clients so that we can deliver the right messages on your website.

  11. Does ANTSAND use wordress?

    No. We don’t use WordPress. We are not against using any third party libraries or software. We just prefer not to rely on it. On the other hand, ever code that we deliver can be easily converted to a WordPress template or any other framework. We make sure our code can be installed on all major open source platforms.

  12. Why does ANTSAND not use WordPress, Drupal or Joomla or any other CMS (Content Managment System)?

    At ANTSAND, we craft a lot of code in house. Relying on frameworks and tools limits our creativity. We want speed, we want your site to look good, and we want you to expand your site as your business grows. Using frameworks like WordPress is a huge bottle neck. At our core we are a software company and there is no need for us to rely on 3rd party softwares. On the other hand, all our code can be converted to a WordPress template. So it does not mean using our service you can’t use WordPress.

  13. We only want our website to be developed using WordPress or standard CMS software?

    At ANTSAND every code we develop, can be easily converted to a WordPress template or any CMS software of your choice. We make sure our code is compatible with all the standard software.

  14. Does ANTSAND use templates or we code from scratch?

    At ANTSAND we may get design ideas from templates and other websites. But every HTML and CSS code we deliver to you is handwritten by the ANTSAND team. We do use javascript frameworks and certain powerful libraries to modularize our code. But we use our best efforts to limit using external plugins.

  15. Why do you write code from scratch when you can use templates?

    Nothing wrong with using templates. The issue with using external templates is your website speed starts to get slow. The less request your website makes to a server the faster it will be. Many HTML templates are loaded with fancy plugins and animations. They may look cool, but most often than not they cause problems. Your browsers starts to respond slowly, the time for the template to load takes a bit too long and just too much hassle. We take speed very seriously as it can be a deciding factor between your customers choosing you or your competitors.

    Using templates, will make your site look like the million others out there. Your clients will notice the templaty effect.

    There are many other reasons but site speed and brand new feel are critical element.

  16. Does ANTSAND do backend development?

    Yes we do. All the code we deliver to our customers runs on our servers which are hosted on amazon and azure.

  17. Can ANTSAND make an ecommerce site for us?

    Technically we can. Will we? Depending on your needs and budget. We will have to sit and have a strategic conversation with you and your team. We prefer to work with business that already have an established working model and a steady revenue stream. If you are a startup you are better of using shopify.

  18. Is your code secure?

    We try to keep our servers secure. We constantly run virus check and are partnered with security firms to keep our site and our client’s site secure.

  19. Do you provide maintenance for websites?

    Yes we do. We only provide maintenance to sites that we have developed. As of now, we do not provide maintenance to websites that are not developed by us. Our monthly subscription maintenance starts at 80$ CAD/month. Unlimited security updates. We allow a maximum of 3 changes per month as per client’s request. If clients need ongoing analytics and conversion optimized improvements, it will cost around 300$ CAD/month.

  20. Do you guys do A/B and multivariate testing?

    Yes, we do.

  21. How is A/B and multivariate testing really done?

    We configure our servers that help categorize users based on demographic and other variables. Based on these variables your website can be displayed differently. We add analytics to each of these variations and measure how they perform.

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