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ANTSAND Lite is a done for you content and inbound marketing service. You will be able to rank high on search, build raving fans, attract more visitors, allow them to stay longer by engaging them with articles, blogs, podcast, checklist, infographics, eBooks, course curriculum, videos and a lot more.

All to position your brand as an authority, build a cult and run a thriving business.

What do you really get when you purchase ANTSAND Lite
Basic - Remote
You can start to promote your brand using education and content marketing anywhere from the world
minimum 6 months
Advanced - Face to Face meeting
Start to promote your brand using education and content marketing - ONLY for business operating in Vancouver Lower mainland
minimum 8 months
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More Details
What you get
Blog Writing
Create long form written Blogs that educates and ranks high on search
Create podcast that educates and builds an audience
Enhanced search appearance
Let your website and brand stand out on search result display
Social media sharing
Let us manage and share your content on social media
Blog Writing
Create long form written Blogs that educates and ranks high on search
Create podcast that educates and builds an audience
Enhanced search appearance
Let your website and brand stand out on search result display
Social media sharing
Let us manage and share your content on social media
Video production
Let share your knowledge and educate your prospects using video
Cost per month
Written Blogs - 1 long form blog per month
Podcast - 4 podcast a month
Enhanced Search Appearance - Look great on search
Social Media Marketing - Share your content periodically on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and depending on where your audience is most active on
Video - 2 mobile quality video with high quality audio for social media sharing per month
Marketing Resources - 1 checklist per month and 1 ebook at the end of 8 months
Courses - 1 course curriculum posted on your website to educate and build authority
Interactive Software Tools - 1 software tool to capture leads

Create Remarkable Blogs your prospects want to read and search engines want to rank

Done for you blog writing! Most blogs do not perform, are not engaging, not clear and concise and for the most part non-sense. That is not content marketing. That seems like creating rubbish to somehow rank high.

By using ANTSAND Lite, we won’t be creating random blogs. We will have a skype call or an in-person meeting with you, probe your mind with insightful questions your prospects and customers are actively searching and create remarkable content that engages with your readers.

More engagement, higher ranking, more views more leads


Podcast is a great way to engage with your audience. More and more users are listening to podcast than radio or music. Why not position your brand share your message using podcast?

By using ANTSAND Lite, we will probe your mind with insightful questions and create engaging conversations about your product, your service, the state of your industry, what your customer needs to know about your market and much more.

We want to position your brand as the authority.


Engage with your audience by using video. Share your knowledge, your experience, your value and your stories using video.

Using ANTSAND Lite, we will come to you and setup a great environment, script the scene and record your message for your audience and prospects.

We want your prospects to be familiar with your brand and know the team and people behind it.

It helps build trust.

Marketing Resources

Give value to your audience be it an ebook, a checklist and infographic a timetable, files in exchange for their information. Capture email leads and engage with your audience using email marketing


Be the expert in your industry. Be the go-to brand for anything related and everything related to your market. Educate your prospects, your audience and teach them how to do things the right way.

Using ANTSAND lite, we will create a full course curriculum that you can either offer to your prospects from free or for a fee. You get to keep it, but we will help you make it.

Let us start creating raving fans for your brand

Interactive Software Tools

Build an online empire. Create tools your prospects can interact with. Help them visualize your product, service and educate them the right way.

ANTSAND Lite is all about using education marketing to promote your brand. By creating interactive software tools, you will have visitors staying on your website longer than normal.

Build engagement, build authority

Enhanced search appearance

Enhance your brand appearance on search. Rich snippets do not help rank your website directly, but they help promote your brand by enhacning the way your brand appears on search.

Make you brand look great everywhere online

Social Media Marketing

Once we create all the above marketing assets as mentioned about, we methodically and periodically post content on social media and promote your brand

Do not build fans, build a raving cult. This is ANTSAND Lite

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What is the difference between SEO and Local SEO? What should we invest in?

It all depends on where you customers are. If your customers are all over the world, you would need to rank on search globally. If you only serve customers locally, you need to focus on Local SEO.
The main difference between local SEO and SEO is Location.

If you want to master local SEO, read the Ultimate guide to mastering local SEO and growing a profitable business in Vancouver

How to choose the right SEO service in Vancouver?

There are many factors to help you choose the right SEO service in Vancouver. These are the list of 20 things to keep in mind.

  1. Find out about the team behind the project. Make sure your SEO service provider is not outsourcing the work to someone in some other country.
  2. i
  3. Ask for their portfolio and work.
  4. See if they have strong software and technical skills.
  5. No Hypocricy. See if they themselves rank.
  6. Do they really care about you? If they do not, their work would be mediocre.
  7. Ask about their strategy. How are they going to help you rank higher.
  8. Do they write great and engaging blogs regularly? Great SEO is writing great content.
  9. Check their Social Media Presence.
  10. Make sure when they are re-doing your website, they are designing with converion (CRO) in mind.
  11. See if they contribute to open source software projects. Their ability to contribute and write great software is essential for a long term SEO strategy.
  12. How innovative are they? If they work on the same strategies all your competition is working on, the SEO efforts won't be effective. Ask for what makes then innovative.
  13. Do proper reference checks. Call their clients and ask what was it like working with them.
  14. Make sure they have the ability to write software from the grounds up. No copy paste code and using 3rd party plugins. Long term, using 3rd party tools will cause more harm than good.
  15. Ask about their digital assets. When you hire a SEO service provider you are working on building a digital asset. Ask them what have they done for themselves.
  16. Do they conduct workshops, events and interact with the community. Or is your SEO service provider a hermit. You need a SEO service provider that interacts with the community. This will help them understand the local market better.
  17. Make sure you are working with a provider that is atleast 2+ years in business.
  18. Make sure they provide a good website maintenance and support package
  19. Make sure your SEO provider uses offline methods too not just online methods.
  20. Ask about how long will it take to see results. You should start to see some results in 4-8 weeks time.
  21. Do not shop based on cost, shop based on value. Higher the value provided, faster will be the return on your investment. It will start to pay for it self

To learn more about it, Click Here

Should you invest in a SEO consultation service?

Depending on your goal and the market you serve. For the most part, getting expert advice is always a good thing. It will give you perspectives and ideas to help build your brand online. Start with a consultation/audit service. If you feel there is value investing in SEO, then proceed with a full SEO service.

What is the difference between SEO consultation and SEO audit?

A paid consultation and an audit would mean one and the same thing. If the consultation is free of charge, then most likely it is just a phone conversation for you to pay for an audit service. If the consultation is a paid service, it will basically be a full audit of your website and online brand

Is your SEO service done in-house in Vancouver or do you outsource it to someone else?

At ANTSAND all our work is done in-house in Vancouver, Richmond, B.C. We take tremendous pride in our work and we want you to see the team that will be working on your project. The quality of work that is done in-house is always far superior to companies who outsource the work to some other company in some other country.

Another reason why we keep everything in-house is that our team has to meet our clients periodically to make sure the project is moving smoothly and successfully. Rest assured, working with ANTSAND you are in very safe hands.

What are the different types of SEO services that one can provide?

There are many different types of SEO services one can provide. Technical SEO, on page/ on-site SEO, off-page SEO, content marketing, etc. Learn more to see the different services that will give you the best return on your investment.

Are SEO consultation FREE of charge?

Depends on the service provider. Some may give you a free consultation some will charge you. At ANTSAND we charge a $250 consultation fee for a half hour call session. Why? Because we want our clients to succeed. We beleive if you invest a little bit you will take the advise more seriously.
If you implement what we tell you to do, you will get your return on investment within a few weeks. If you implement everything we have told you and you do not see any results we will refund your money.

If you want to conduct an audit your self you can read this article. How to conduct an effective SEO audit for local companies in Vancouver? A step by step guide

Is there a guarantee if a SEO consultation will work? Will I get a return on my investment?

There is no guarantee in life. What we are trying to do is increase the probability of your success. If what we tell you to do, you implement and you see no results what so ever in a months time, we will refund your money. But we need to see if you have implemented all the suggestions.

When will my credit card be charged?

We'll attempt to securely charge your credit card at the point of purchase online. If there's a problem, you'll be notified on the spot and prompted to use another card. Once we receive verification of sufficient funds, your payment will be completed and transferred securely to us. Your account will be charged in 24 to 48 hours.

Will I be charged sales tax for online orders?

Goods and Provincial sales tax will be collected

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