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  • Seeking to get more referrals all year long?
  • Wanting to showcase your work/services and attract more clients?
  • Looking to have a website that is modern and visually stunning?
  • Scared of technology but you want to market your business online?
  • Searching for a web development team that specializes in such endeavours?

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Custom plan options

Every firm is different - If these plans do not fit your needs, contact ANTSAND to discuss your requirements and for custom pricing

All plans include

Are you looking to build a beautiful landing page, nothing too complex, simple clean and functional?


CONCEPT2DESIGN is a landing page layout builder. It is a tool, that will help you, to design landing page layouts.

Want a footer, a header, a video playing in the background. and a form to capture leads? Build it using our layout builder.

With ANTSAND's CONCEPT2DESIGN layout builder, you can:

  • Build a layout with numerous sections, different combination and get an instant quote on your newly designed webpage
  • Have a webpage, that is designed to scale as your budget increases and help your business grow
  • Have access to a premium software and marketing team who will transform the layout of your choice, into a highly functioning webpage

Clients we have worked with


Our website building tools and services are optimized to give you results. After studying and researching numerous open-source and paid tools, we have taken the best parts of what exists and improved on the functions, features and services that had caused grief. With this combination, ANTSAND's website ecosystem is designed to make your online presence an integral part of your business and marketing.

With ANTSAND being your technical partner, you get:

  • Access to a premium software and marketing team who is dedicated to grow your brand
  • A website platform that is designed to scale and help your business grow
  • Our approach to online marketing is for the long haul. Your website is designed to adapt to market changes and disrupt, rather than being disrupted.

Key Features

Add any feature with ANTSAND's tools

Every website built by ANTSAND supports a huge variety of features. All features are designed to do two things. Make it easy for you to do online marketing. Making it easy for potential customers to engage, know more about your services and turn into customers.

Frequently asked questions

  • What platform will the website be built in?

    Websites will be built using the ANTSAND platform.

  • Will we we able to edit or update the website inhouse?

    Yes. Websites made using ANTSAND's platform will have an interface for users to edit and modify their website.

  • After we purchase a plan, how do we get started?

    An ANTSAND team will send you an orientation email, discussing customer expectation and onboarding process. A form will be sent to you which will help us understand your requirements. After we receive the form, our team will get started working on your project.

  • Can we add features and pages to our website later on?

    Yes. All ANTSAND websites are designed to scale. This includes adding more features or making changes based on latest trends.

  • Why should we choose ANTSAND?

    ANTSAND does 2 things extremely well.

    • Make websites with a focus on your ideal customers. This will boost traffic, engagement and overall revenue.
      Our focus is to design websites with conversion in mind. We want your ideal customers to find you, become engaged and feel great when they purchase your product or service.

    • Create online systems that minimize bottlenecks and optimize throughputs.
      Every website, process or system will have bottlenecks. In the web world, it might be lack of traffic, lack of engagement or lack of conversion. These are all bottlenecks. The root cause for these issues can be difficult to troubleshoot. It might be because your page is loading very slow, your website is not ranked on search engines, your website is glitchy and difficult to navigate or your website is just plain BORING!! Triaging these issues is the 1st step to minimize bottlenecks.

      The 2nd step is to maximize throughput. Once we have identified what issues are slowing down revenue, we solve those issues and then scale. As we scale there will be more bottlenecks. It is this rinse and repeat of finding bottlenecks and maximizing throughput that sets us ahead of the curve.

    • For an telecommunication firm, this would result in your website being ranked high on search engines, visitors staying on your website longer than usual, visitors interested in learning more about your projects, users building your brand through word of mouth and converting a percentage of those visitors into customers.

  • What kind of SEO do you do for telecommunication firms?

    Every website designed by ANTSAND is SEO optimized. If your site is engaging, users find the information useful, and you have an offer or solution that your customers are looking for, your site will have the potential to rank high on search engines.

  • What is CRO and how would it benefit telecommunication firms?

    CRO is conversion rate optimization. Every website designed with CRO in mind will not only make your website look great and stunning but will also boost engagement and conversion. For a telecommunication firm, this would involve users engaging with your projects and wanting to learn more about it.

  • Will our website rank on search engines?


  • Can the website be built using Wordpress?

    It sure can. We would nee to discuss your needs.

  • What type of telecommunication firms do you work with?

    We can work with a variety of telecommunication firms. If you specialize in

    • Painters
    • Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter
    • Plumbers
    • Property Managers and cleaners
    • Flooring and retail business
    • Suppliers
    • OR all of the above
    We would definitely be able to solve your online marketing needs.

  • What do you mean by 'custom visual icons'?

    Pictures speak a thousand words. Icons help to visually communicate the big picture. They also make the website interesting and gives the website a nice visual appeal.

  • What do you mean by 'custom design pages'?

    A custom designed page are pages that have a unique look and feel yet flow well with the overall look of your website. It includes different custom elements, sections and a unique flow to a page compared to other pages on your website.

  • Do you gurantee high quality referrals?

    There is no gurantee in life. Online marketing takes effort. It is more like farming rather than hunting. It takes time to build a reputation and gain a following. Hence, results depend on the efforts we put in, both, from our side as well as yours.

    If you are looking for a magic pill solution this will definitely not work for you. We prefer to work with clients that are allocating resource to marketing and are willing to do what ever it takes to become successful. This includes, taking time to write content, updating information on your website regularly and always in the lookout to educate, engage and give value before asking for a sale.

  • Do your provide any website maintenance service?

    Yes, we do. We provide an inexpensive service to fix small issues. It starts at $49/task. No monthly fee. Just per task basis. If you choose to fix more tasks at once the price gets cheaper. Visit antsand maintenance to know more about this service offering.

    If you have higher maintenance requirements, there is an option to choose Bank of Hours. You can buy any number of hours of work you think you need, and we will bill you accordingly. Bank of Hours is around $75/Hr. Send us an e-mail for more information.

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