Why your website is not ranking on search?

And it is not what you think!

Your wesite is your virtual salesperson. It's job is to talk to strangers and convert those strangers (potential leads) into customers. If you know your website could be improved to get better results, this handbook is for you.

The Landing page conversion handbook, will show you how to structure your landing page, how to fill up content comprehensively, how to layout your page, what elements/sections are neceesary to have and what details your potentail customers are looking for.

This handkbook will show you why, having a beautiful and comprehensive landing page is the key ingredient to ranking high on search.

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What's Inside

The landing page conversion handbook is a collection of tested ideas that will help you make your landing page not only generate more leads but will help you rank higher on search (SEO).

You will learn

  • How to create a strong value proposition that will grab your potential clients attention
  • What mistakes to avoid that is preventing your website from ranking
  • How to describe the problem you are solving that will help you rank for proper keywords on search
  • How to layout the results you promise that is easy to grasp without it being too wordy
  • Why you need a strong call to action and how to display it effectively
  • How to build trust with your readers the right way, without turning them off
  • Actionable advise you can implement immediately that will give you the boost your website needs

How is it structured

The landing page conversion handbook is divided into 3 sections.

  1. Elements of a page (The Ingredients)
  2. Structure of a page (The Recipes)
  3. Building your website empire (The Main course)

Table of content


  1. Introduction
  2. How Use with your website
  3. How to share this guide with your web designer and developer
  4. How to get the most from the cookbook

Elements of a page (The ingredients)

  • Text Elements
  • Media Elements
  • Form Elements
  • Advanced Form Elements
  • Content Blocks
  • Advanced Content Blocks
  • Misc Elements
  • Order Forms
  • Integration

Page Recipes

  • Home page
  • Products solutions container page
  • Landing page
  • Page based on location and demographic
  • Blog page


  • ANTSAND Website Stacking